Business Cards for My Guide Dog

Okay, now before you start thinking I’m crazy, here me out. When we graduated from GDB, we were sent home with a few cards that we could give to taxi or bus drivers that described the law and what they are and aren’t allowed to do (not much). However, there is not something that one can easily take with them and hand out to people that feel like they must touch your dog, call your dog, or let their dog attack your dog. Therefore, I had this random idea the other day of making cards, the size of business cards, that describe why it is detrimental to a guide dog team to be distracted and what the law is. I haven’t exactly decided how I will do them but the thought just came to me a few days ago. I could make them using Microsoft Word and then buy business card stock and use the template and print them out. It wouldn’t be that hard, nor expensive, and I really do think it might be more effective than telling them.

What do you think?

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Jessica N and Makiko

Jessica is a proud Texan. She graduated in 2014 with her Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and is now employed. She is visually impaired and has a retinal disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa. Originally Jessica started blogging about everything from being diagnosed with the disease to where she is now, almost 9 years later. Then, Jessica went to Guide Dogs for the Blind and was blessed with Makiko, her new guide dog. Now, her blog "The Way Eye See The World" is about everything related to visual impairments, including guide dogs.

5 thoughts on “Business Cards for My Guide Dog”

  1. I think I actually found something like this somewhere but it was to explain autism to people who had no idea what was going on with the people they just interacted with. I think it is a GREAT idea in terms of taking the opportunity to educate the public.

  2. When we have had guide dog pups in the past, we made little “trading cards”. one side had a picture and a little info about the pup and said ” I met a Guide Dog Pup today”. The other side had rules about interacting with a guide dog. people loved these cards.

  3. I like the idea. It could say something along the lines of “thanks for taking an interest in my service dog. Sorry, we were working and I didn’t have time to visit. If you would like to learn more about service dogs you can go here” and include a link to a guide dog site. I also like the “trading card” idea that could be cute.

  4. great ideas. i have bookmarks from this is where i got my sd lizzy from. i keep a stash in my backpack. does come in handy. i do recall a template for your idea. sorry dont remember the site.

  5. Maybe it would be easier and less intrusive to have a small sign attached to the dog’s harness that says something like: I am working. Pleas don’t call, touch, or interact with me. It could jeopardize the safety of my human.

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