First 24 after surgery

My mom picked me up from work yesterday, we went and got Makiko, went back to my apartment for a bit, and then went back to her house in Dallas. We have quite a few challenges with this big collar thing… She hates stairs. We think it’s partially because it causes her discomfort but partially because she can’t see as well with this collar on. Somebody made the joke that she doesn’t have peripheral vision like me. It’s true with that collar on! She also doesn’t like to go to the restroom with it on. My aunt, who is a vet, recommended that we might want to try and put her in a shirt. She said that would be a lot more practical, especially if she was to do light work for/with me. I thought it was a great idea but especially thought she would like it more. So my sister wanted to try this tank top on her.. It was pretty cute but slid down too much.  

So then we got one of my Dad’s old shirts and it fit really well. Makiko was clearly so much happier with it on. And that way she couldn’t get at her incision site but could still walk right and see well. This collar is so long that it trips her… And she can’t jump up with it on or she trips. But what we discovered last night was that her sleeping in it was not s good idea. The way she shifted made it get really tight around her neck and body.. Couldn’t have been comfortable. Mom could tell she was just in general in pain when this morning she didn’t jump up to say hi to Mom when she came in to wake us up. Was pretty sad. 

 One time today she tried to jump onto my bed lightly with me and got her leg stuck in the hole of the collar. I couldn’t get it out and she was struggling. I called (via phone) my Mom who was in the other room but she didn’t answer so I carried Makiko out. Now Makiko doesn’t usually like to be carried but she was perfectly fine with me carrying her that time. Mom helped me get it fixed. 

I took it off of her for awhile today while I could watch or monitor her to make sure she didn’t get at her incision. We did take a really nice nap together without the collar on. I think we both needed that! 🙂  Makiko also has a Barkbox which had this really good chew toy. It was perfect because she could sit yesterday with me and chew on it and love it without moving around. She also got these treats that she really likes which are good right now to help encourage her to do certain things. 

 Mom and I tend to disagree a lot about the use of the collar. Super frustrating because I want to do what is best for her and I think I know what that is, and Mom wants the same and thinks she knows what that is, but they aren’t the same, at least in regards to the foar. Oh well. It’s nice being home with her to help out! 

Tonight was my boyfriends birthday party. We went to a restaurant, but I left Makiko at home with my Mom and Sis. My plan was to pick Makiko up after the restaurant and take her back to Steven’s to hang while we partied but there were two other dogs there and Makiko was still pretty painful so I didn’t want anything to happen. We drank a little so of course I didn’t want my boyfriend driving me home so I took an Uber. I wanted to get home to be with her and tomorrow early morning my Mom and Sis planned to go to Zumba so I had to be home anyway. It was really weird because I didn’t have a cane, guide dog, nothing. I managed semi ok though. 

When I got home, Makiko was asleep on her mat by my Mom’s bed. I have only been away from Makiko a handful of times ever. Makiko was super excited to see me when I got home.. But guess what? She didn’t have her collar on.. I was like wow Mom is letting her be without the collar?! Nope! My little smart tricky guide dog! She somehow managed to get out of it. We can’t figure out how. So Mom put it back on her and then we went to bed. She is currently snoring away with one of my pillows between the collar and her head so she seems pretty comfortable. I sure hope so. 

I have a motivation to get up on a weekend because I need to feed and give her pills (3- pain reliever, antacid, Benadryl) at 9am and 9pm. I may nap tomorrow if I can. Tomorrow is Steven’s actual birthday, we just celebrated tonight. He will be taking me back tomorrow though to Denton. 

It’ll be kind of a difficult week I think. Things are pretty hectic at work, but most importantly with Makiko. I checked today and her harness doesn’t rub up against her incision site which is great! So I could potentially put it on her, for light work, depending on how she feels. But it would only be to/from my apartment and work (5 min bus ride). So just making sure she is comfortable, making sure she doesn’t get at her incision site (especially as it heals and starts to scab and itch) and just managing in general. I’ll be ready for next weekend, for sure. 

I will also be expecting to hear about the pathology results Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday is her 4th birthday! 🙂 

(She loves to sunbathe)

So, today was overall ok. We had a few incidents but she also started to feel a lot better. You could tell her incision was starting to heal because she looked at it but luckily I stopped her and put the collar back on before she could get to it. Hopefully today will be just as good or better! 

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Jessica N and Makiko

Jessica is a proud Texan. She graduated in 2014 with her Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and is now employed. She is visually impaired and has a retinal disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa. Originally Jessica started blogging about everything from being diagnosed with the disease to where she is now, almost 9 years later. Then, Jessica went to Guide Dogs for the Blind and was blessed with Makiko, her new guide dog. Now, her blog "The Way Eye See The World" is about everything related to visual impairments, including guide dogs.

4 thoughts on “First 24 after surgery”

  1. Hang in there girls! You are a great team in every way- I think the T shirt or tank top idea is also a great compromise for protecting the wound area and still allowing Makiko some comfort and security!! Stick with your instincts Jess!! You know her best and have her best interests at heart!
    Hoping today goes well!
    Prayers and love to both of you!

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