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RP Truths #060 - If your'e standing there waiting for me and I'm not saying anything, I probably don't see you. Speak up.
RP Truths #060 – If your’e standing there waiting for me and I’m not saying anything, I probably don’t see you. Speak up.

This is something that I am probably hyper-aware of. I find it extremely awkward when people walk up to me and think that I know they are there, but really don’t.. so I try and watch out for them. But because I can’t see very well anymore, the way I imagine this looks is a long squinty stare as people approach me until I figure out who they are… and then if it’s who I am expecting, usually a loud “HEY!!!!” with a hug follows; however, if they aren’t who I was thinking they were, a casual smile and off into my phone I go.

Part of me has just felt like I should stop trying so hard. People know I’m blind, or at least low vision, so they need to step up their game and learn, right? That’s at least what part of my thinks but the other part of me knows that the majority of people I interact with on a daily basis have NO idea the extent of my vision loss, nor would they know how to react to it if they did. Maybe I should compromise and also use it as an educational moment? I’m still trying to figure out how I want to approach this.

Bottom line is: I don’t have peripheral vision people. None. I won’t see you unless you are directly in front of me. And if there is a lot of light behind you, I won’t be able to see you at all, or if you’re in a dark area, I won’t be able to see you at all. So just come say hey, prevent the awkwardness, and make it easier on all of us.

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Jessica N and Makiko

Jessica is a proud Texan. She graduated in 2014 with her Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and is now employed. She is visually impaired and has a retinal disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa. Originally Jessica started blogging about everything from being diagnosed with the disease to where she is now, almost 9 years later. Then, Jessica went to Guide Dogs for the Blind and was blessed with Makiko, her new guide dog. Now, her blog "The Way Eye See The World" is about everything related to visual impairments, including guide dogs.

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