Oh geez. 

The Cytology came back today and said that there is a lot of inflammation, white blood cells, mass cells, etc., and is a cause for concern. Could be a bug bite that didn’t heal, could be a cyst, could be a cancerous tumor… So we have surgery tomorrow morning at 9am to go in and remove it and then send it off to a pathology lab to gather more information. The cytology was too vague. Scary stuff… She is my baby.

After losing my Dad, Grandmother, and Aunt to cancer, that word is a VERY sensitive word.

Prayers and thoughts appreciated. 

I love her so much. 


Another (minor?) health scare

This just has NOT been a very good six months for my baby’s health. I’m not sure what’s up– she is usually so healthy! Not too long ago, I noticed a small lump on Makiko’s side. I touch Makiko all over many times daily as we play, give her puppy massages, cuddle, etc. She is so good and will literally let me touch everywhere. Well, one day I noticed a small lump on her side. Soon after I saw my aunt, who is a veterinarian, and she just thought it was a cyst. A few weeks later we saw her again and she didn’t think it had grown – she said dogs get these and they aren’t to worry about unless they grow, etc. So I hadn’t done much about it because she said there was nothing to worry about. Then a few days ago Makiko started acting funky — a little more sluggish, a little more clingy, just different – so I took her to the vet on Friday and they said she might be a little nauseated so we have been giving her a lot of water. They stuck a needle in the “cyst” and expected it to come out clear or white (they described it like toothpaste) but instead it came out bloody with a few other cells.. so they sent it off to the lab. I expect to hear back tomorrow. I trust my vets immensely. Dr. Lindsay said that she doesn’t expect it to be anything serious but it could be many different things.. well this of course scares me because in the last 2.5 years I’ve lost two people to sudden cancer and I also lost our last dog, Rusty, to cancer. I CANNOT lost Makiko right now – I just can’t. I know I shouldn’t be thinking that serious yet but it’s true – she is my everything. So, I’m a little nervous…. and anxiously waiting to hear back tomorrow.

Again, I am super blessed that donors give money to GDB so when we need to rush our dog to the vet, we don’t have to worry about the cost.. helps us take care of these creatures without the worry of money. Of course, I try to help pay when I can and I would get her taken care of regardless, but it’s just another thing that we DON’T have to worry about in these kinds of situations.

Prayers and thoughts would be appreciated. 🙂