Blindness Awareness Month Facts (FUN!) of the Day (October 12th)

Ding.. ding.. ding! That’s the bonus bell! Haha. 🙂 I found a bunch of really random, fun, not incredibly useless facts about eyes or vision disorders and decided to combine them all into one post. Most of these came from the NIH (National Institute of Health) site.

  1. Your dog or cat’s eyes appear to glow in the dark because they have mirrors on the back of their eyes.. yes that’s right, they have something called tapetum, which are silver mirrors on the back of their eyes. This helps them to have great night vision.
  2. While humans can’t normally look in opposite directions at the same time, chameleons can!
  3. If you’re sitting at a computer and are experiencing a lot of glare, adjust the lighting and make sure you’re at least 20 inches away from the screen.
  4. Some of the more commonly known vision disorders, such as age related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts have increased risk of happening in individuals who smoke.
  5. Many think that Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals, when really Samuel Pierce, an English optician, invented them.
  6. Carrots do help maintain eye health.
  7. The phrase “you’re going to wear your eyes out,” is simply silly because while your eyes can feel fatigued after extended use, you will never really “wear them out.”
  8. Tropical fish and many bright colored animals can see colors that humans cannot because they have more color vision cells. Isn’t that cool?
  9. “Red eye” in photographs is caused by the light reflecting off the blood vessels in the retina. Interesting fact, I thought!
  10. I thought Scorpions could have a lot of eyes at 12 but flatworms can have as many as 100. Weird!