Out of surgery!

I am so grateful to have so many friends and family who care so much for Makiko. 

Last night Makiko could clearly tell I was worried because she was extra cuddly. Here are a few pics: 

One of my coworkers picked Makiko and I up early this morning. We had Makiko at the vet and dropped off by 8. I went back to work. It was good to be distracted all day. She was out of surgery around 10:30. The incision is kind of large because they took a big area to make sure they got clean edges. Now they sent it off to the pathology lab and I should know more by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Tuesday is her fourth birthday so it would be cool to get the hopefully good news that day! She was sent home on a pain med, antihistamine, and antacid. We go back in 7 to 10 days to see about getting the staples removed. Because they did take such a large area, we had to do sutures and staples.

 It was really sad and weird not to have her with me at work. Nobody to pet, walk around with, tell her to stay, sit on my feet under the lunch table etc. 

She is now wearing this HUGE Elizabethan collar. I personally think it’s a little too big. We may have to play with it because she is going to be wearing it for awhile. When we walked out of the vet’s office, it took a good 5 minutes for me to convince her to walk with it on. She also has had a hard time getting into the car and climbing the stairs. It’s pretty sad to watch. I think it’s a combination of the pain and not being able to see as much due to the cone.  The vet said I should keep it on mostly when we are not working, but I can take it off sometimes like when she is working. I may take it off for a few minutes when she goes to the restroom. We will have to see if she can wear the harness at all over the next week. It just depends where it rubs and if it hits the incision site. We shall see. If we can wear it, my aunt (also a vet) recommended we put her in a t shirt to help protect it. I liked that idea.

It will be hard not to work her that much this next week but it’s in her best interest so of course I will.

It was a huge blessing that Guide Dogs for The Blind is helping me cover the expense of this surgery as it was very unexpected. What a great organization! 

So now we are going back to my Mom’s in Dallas for the weekend. That will be better because it’s 1 level so no stairs. Tomorrow is my boyfriends birthday celebration but I’m not sure if she will be able to go with us. We will see.

Poor Makiko. She is in some pain and is also still a little groggy. She barely moves.. Whereas before she almost always followed me around everywhere. Here is hoping she feels better soon and it’s not cancer.