Flustered and Brutal

That pretty much describes me for about three minutes this evening. I am beyond frustrated with dogs coming up to me and Makiko. For some reason it doesn’t happen in Dallas but it happens near daily here. Most of the time I’m pretty good about it but tonight, not so much. And remember that Makiko has had a few little issues in the past where she forgot how she was supposed to behave, so we have been working on this a bit. Well tonight there were multiple dogs, and I couldn’t tell how many or where they were but they were sitting outside with their owners at a bar/restaurant that we went to. A dog came up to Makiko and the owner was like “Aww, come here, (insert dog name), come here,” but didn’t really care when the dog didn’t listen. I was frustrated and trying to express to the owner that she really did need to get her dog, and unfortunately I didn’t correct Makiko and teach her that interacting with that dog was not the right thing to do. I’m still learning and was thinking about that this evening and see how I should have handled that differently. We’re most definitely going to work on that on our next encounter. It’s hard to balance educating others about why their dogs or they CAN’T interact with my dog, while reinforcing my dog’s behavior to do the right thing. Makiko is near perfect, but we do have to remember that she is still a dog and we will have to work through some things. The “brutal” part came in when I was telling the lady, “You really need to get your dog away. She can’t be doing that. No, you really need to get your dog.. This is NOT okay.” A friend said that was brutal, and it very well may have been, but it’s so dang frustrating when I have to deal with this so often. One of my best friends with a guide dog came a little bit later and apparently she briefly knew this girl, so I felt bad that I was a little “brutal” to her, but my good friend said that it was good that I was because she needs to learn to be around guide dogs, especially since my friend has one. I shrugged it off a few minutes later, but that is one thing that is really pushes my buttons..