The Dog Puzzle!

Many months ago I went a little wild and bought Makiko many toys. I gradually gave them to her over time though. One of the toys was this Dog Puzzle Toy. I’m going to try and describe it. It’s a circle and has four large holes in which you can place treats. If you spin the wheel, those four holes get covered up and you have four empty holes to put treats in.. THEN you can cover those holes up with these little yellow cups, there are 4 of them one for each hole. So what the dog has to do is paw out/remove the yellow cups so that he/she can get to the treats and THEN figure out how to move the wheel around to get to the treats. It’s pretty tricky but really, if the dog just figures out to paw the yellow things out it will go smoothly, haha. 

When I first got it, Makiko did not quite get it.. she would LOVE when I would remove the yellow cups for her and she could get the treats and then when all four cups were removed and she could spin the wheel, she would kind of get it. So we would play with it together but after a few times of that she just didn’t get it that much so I put it away and hadn’t gotten it out since. Yesterday I decided to try it again and oh boy was it a huge success. We used a few of the treats that we got from the BarkBox (I’ll tell you about that in a future post). She is VERY good at her “wait” while I put all the treats in there and put the yellow cups over (thank you Jenni) and then when I released her she would play a little bit but then kind of look at me for a second and keep playing but not really getting the yellow cups out. So then I went around the corner to talk to my boyfriend while she was messing with it and then suddenly I hear her moving this toy ALL around the apartment, and then suddenly I hear a cup come out of it. I look and she has one cup out, soon she has 2, and 3, and 4! That silly little girl totally did it when I wasn’t watching. She then used her mouth to spin the wheel around.. pretty clever girl. So treats can slip from one hole to the next in the puzzle when she moves it, so what she would do is move it all around the apartment pretty fast and then the treats would move. It was pretty cute.

So, we decided to try it again tonight! I have such a smart girl. We did the same thing except with her kibble this time so she doesn’t gain weight.. I had her weight while I put it in there and then moved it around and put treats in the other holes and then put the cups on top. When I let her go at it, I stayed in the same room but sat down on the bean bag pretending not to pay attention. She spends a good amount of time on it but has a blast! I looked up when she was working on her last cup and you know what this little girl did? Just picked it up with her mouth, haha. Needless to say she got all of her treats and LOVES this game. It keeps her thinking and active and it’s a nice reward for it and since it uses the remaining kibble that we have already portioned out for her daily ration, it won’t make her gain weight either. Yippee! 

Here is the link if you’re interested: Kygen Dog Games Treat Wheel Dog Toy Puzzle